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Photographer's                       Biography
Name: Arthur Williams

Born: June 21, 1953 Philadelphia Pennsylvania

  I began taking photos at an early age. Both my sister and I were given Brownies while young. During the mid-seventies I began taking photographs as a way to get a college degree. My subject matter at that time was merely to complete the assignment to the best of my abilities. In so doing I have managed  to win a few contest and be published a couple of times. Nothing there to mention yet.

While assignment photography is lucrative, it does not exercise your creative juices.  Therefore, after college I began searching for myself as an artist.  My work portrays where I have been and where I am going both technically as well as creatively. 

My focus currently is on Black and White with emphasis on the "Zone System", although I hope to do some further studies in color photography also.

I see photography not only as a way to capture an event, but an attempt to pass on what I was feeling when I to the picture.  My biggest challenge to put onto paper what I have conceptualized. 

I hold college degrees in both Art and Computer Science. I know, a computer graphic match made in heaven. But Art and Computer Science are to sides of the same person, different personalities if you will.  Stress management tells use to have a hobby that takes away from what we do daily.  Using Photography I can go to the opposite side of the stress spectrum.   Keeping the desire to get better each time out, while creating an image that I like. A photograph that not only evokes a reaction from viewers, but pleases me as an artist.

I was born in inner city Philadelphia, Pa., concrete, and asphalt.  Each row house on my block had a Sycamore tree planted in front. The nearest park was 5 city blocks away, and I spent a lot of time there growing up.

In the mid eighties I moved to Maryland, and built a cabin in the mountains of West Virginia.  From the city to the country. I hope you enjoy my work.