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Artist Biography
Photographerís Bio: Arthur Williams
Born in Philadelphia  on June 21, 1953.  I began taking photographs seriously while in college during the early seventies.  Majoring in Photography I learned to operate several different formats of cameras the 35mm, 4X5ís, and the 8x10 camera.
At that time I was encouraged my instructors to take up photography as a profession, however, all jobs paid to little and most of the places that I applied had staff photographers that had taught themselves the Art. Problem was they could operate all the cameras that I could but the quality was not as good. Going to school for photography was a milestone in my life as a photographer. Not only did I study "How to operate your camera", it was in school that I developed my technique,  and that includes style. That includes, choice of subject matter as well as what type of photography that I would produce.
In addition to photography I studied Art, and Art History. I expressed myself also through oil painting. The same style appeared in my paintings as well as in my photography. My instructors wished that I had continued with my painting, and maybe at some point I will.  For now however, I am concentrating on photography. Iím still learning.
Basically, I love the outdoors.  Iíve been a camper for years, and taking photographs of nature allows me to combine photography and being outdoors. I am always looking for a location that will be the perfect backdrop for what I like and what I want to show you. Still I can hear my professor warning me that my work is becoming to sterile.  My goal is in the future to work more people into my photographs and also try to take more Black and White.
Iíve taken some Landscapes and entry ways in Black and White, and I have mixed feeling about the outcome.  Some photos scream to be in color while others call for B&W. The problem occurs when you mix up which should be on what type of film. Like I said, Iím still learning.
The book currently on my night table is The Negative by Ansel Adams. By the time you read this, I may have finished this book. However, it will always be among my study guides and training aids.  I found it one day by looking up information on the Zone System on the net. The article I read said if I wanted more, this is the book to read next.  This is number 2 in Adamsí series of books.  If there is a book in the series on color photography,  or color negatives that interests me in the,  Iíll buy that next. If not then Iíll spend some time at my local book seller. Like I said, Iím still learning and books have helped me to translate the photographs in my mind to film and paper.
Lastly, my favorite photography related quote.  One of professorís once said that everything in photography has already been done. The only thing different is how you are going to do it. Currently, I still shoot the old fashion way, on film.  Iíve read pros and cons on the subject and Digital photography may win out someday. The problem I find is that digital images require a digital storage device. Negatives require a box.  Bottom line, itís expensive.  A digital camera that would allow me to take the photos I want is not cheap, neither is the camera memory, or computer storage device and backup systems required for a digital library.

Still I keep an open mind.